Added pressure for concealed-carry

Published 01/30 2013 05:36PM

Updated 01/30 2013 05:42PM

SPRINGFIELD -- The pressure is on for lawmakers to pass a concealed-carry law in Illinois and a new bill could be the answer. The issue has gone back and forth without a solution, but gun supporters say now is the time.

They hope to get enough support to get the issue resolved, Otherwise, come May, Constitutional Carry without restrictions will go into effect.

One lawmaker is proposing that, to carry, you'd have to have a FOID card and be over 21-years old. Plus, you'd need four hours of certified training in laws and gun safety.

Under the measure, guns wouldn't be allowed in schools or government buildings and businesses would get to decide if they wanted to let people carry on their property. Representative Brandon Phelps is leading the push.

He says it's the best chance at  a fair compromise taking all parts of the state into consideration. It's important here because it's not a republican versus democrat issue. It's upstate against downstate which takes the democrats' super-majority completely out of the equation.

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