ADM announces global headquarters will move

By Alex Davis |, Jennifer Roscoe |

Published 12/18 2013 07:52AM

Updated 12/19 2013 11:38AM

Latest: 6:01 pm, 12/18/13, Wednesday
DECATUR -- ADM has been talking about moving for months. Now, one of the biggest companies in the country will move some of its business up north. Archer Daniels Midland announced it's moving its global headquarters to Chicago, taking as many as 75 jobs with it. WCIA-3's Alex Davis finds out if it will impact the city's current unemployment problem.

Much remains to be seen, but keep this in mind; the jobs being relocated are mainly executive position. So, the move isn't expected to add to unemployment numbers. ADM's decision to move its global headquarters out of the city is getting mixed reviews.

"I don't think they should move at all."

"They're not laying anybody off, they're not taking any jobs away, they're just moving."

But, the concern is even greater when people wonder what could happen to the Soy City.

"Being a small town, it's really going to hurt the city."

Despite sending dozens of jobs to Chicago, ADM says it isn't planning any layoffs or other re-locations.

"Decatur will be our North American headquarters and will continue to have significant presence here."

But, that's not enough to calm most nerves. Decatur's unemployment rate is 11.7%, the highest in the state.

"We need all the jobs we can in the community."

Sharon Curry has been out of work for years.

"We need all the employment we can in Decatur, for one fact, reason, jobs are hard to find right now, especially if you're unemployed and if you got families. It's hard to raise them without the income."

For many in the manufacturing town, companies like ADM and Tate and Lyle are the only hope they have for work. But, Steve Hammel says the move might not be all that bad for the Soy City.

"There's going to be some people that might not like it, but they're not nobody off. They're just moving their headquarters. So, at least the income will stay here in Illinois."

Hammel says it's not personal, it's just business.

"I think, if they see a better way of doing business, then that's what they should do."

That move comes without any tax breaks for the company.

It's not been easy for Decatur to hold onto jobs. A study by USA Today found the city had the most job losses in 2013 than any other in the country. The number of jobs fell more than 4%. Manufacturing jobs dropped more than 16% since last October.
Update: 4:22 pm, 12/18/13, Wednesday
DECATUR -- ADM has had its global headquarters in the Soy City since 1939, but after months of talking, the company has decided to pull out. ADM will move its global headquarters to Chicago. The Decatur facility will remain the company's North American headquarters.

People aren't happy about the news. They've been up in arms since the company first announced its plan to find a new global hub, but ADM says, "don't worry." They will only be relocating some 50 - 75 jobs and no layoffs are planned in connection with the move. One man says it's not personal, just business.

ADM's CEO Patricia Woertz says they chose Chicago because the larger city might attract and retain employees. As part of that move, ADM will also move its customer center to the Windy City.

After the dust settles from that move, ADM will search for a location for its new information technology center. Even with the headquarters leaving town, ADM officials plan to bring some new jobs to the city.

In September, it announced plans to create a new shipping yard which could add hundreds of jobs to the city. The company would be able to transport up to 150,000 containers each year.

Governor Pat Quinn says the city is the perfect spot for the port because it's close to major railways and roads.
Original: 10:04 pm, 12/17/13, Tuesday
DECATUR -- ADM made it official. It's moving its global headquarters to Chicago.

But, it's assuring people here, there are no layoffs planned in connection to the move. There will be between 50 and 75 employees in the new Chicago office.

ADM says its North American headquarters will stay in Decatur.

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