After 28-year search, mother hopes investigation yields answers

Published 07/10 2013 10:19PM

Updated 07/11 2013 03:56PM

DECATUR -- A mother's son vanished 28-years ago but a new development could give her some answers. For the past two days police have been sifting through dirt in an empty lot on Charles Street. Sources say the search is connected to a missing child case.

Wednesday, a mother hopes it's her T.J. they're looking for. He went missing in 1985.

Fast-forward nearly 30-years to the investigation going on right now. A source says police are digging near the home T.J. Davison was living in when he disappeared. WCIA-3's Megan Brilley finds out how his mom is reacting to a possible break in the case.

"It's time. I need to know. I need to stop these thoughts going through my head."

There isn't a day that goes by, that an image of Debra Lucas' then 4-year old son T.J. doesn't run through her mind. He was last seen in a Decatur Kroger parking lot. His aunt ran in to get some groceries and left him in the car. When she got back, he was gone.

"There's too many questions of the what ifs and what happened. There's too many unwanted anniversaries. His birthday used to be special. Now it's a reminder of what I lost," Lucas said.

It's been nearly three decades since she's seen him.

"You have good days and you have bad days. On your good days you think about him being found. On your bad days, you think about things that could've happened."

The scene on Charles Street isn't what Lucas dreams of; police sifting through dirt, searching for answers that could be related to her son's case.

"Nobody understands how this feels," Lucas said.

Neighbors say, years ago T.J.'s aunt's house stood on the lot. The home burned down. But Lucas hopes there are clues that still lie beneath so she can finally say goodbye.

"My hope is that he's still alive. I keep praying for his salvation and that I'll see him in heaven. But if they're digging for his body, then I hope whatever I find out, that he didn't suffer."

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