AG says board broke open meeting rule

Published 05/15 2013 04:15PM

Updated 05/15 2013 05:30PM

PARIS -- An Edgar County board is in hot water after breaking an open meeting's rule. The Attorney General says members used a secret ballot to select an advisory board member.

Members of the county airport board were working with advisory board members to create a contract. That contract would be for a business working within the county's airport hangar.

Members say they thought they came up with a good plan, but when the full board voted, it was shot down. Two members resigned after that decision. Their spots needed to be filled, but one board member says the way they went about replacing the members didn't feel right from the beginning.

Then there was the "secret vote." That means people who voted didn't say who they picked. That goes against rules in the Open Meetings Act.

The full county board went on to approve the members the committee recommended. The AG says the board needs to make sure to follow the rules going forward, but didn't say anything about this latest decision. The Edgar County State's Attorney couldn't say if the board would need to vote again.

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