An extra vacation day, worth millions!

By Anna Carrera

Published 05/09 2014 05:48PM

Updated 05/12 2014 09:15AM

Update: 10:11 PM
CHAMPAIGN -- Taking a day off is always a treat, but it also has an added bonus. It can help you boost the economy.

They don't call it work for nothing. Even if someone loves their job, it still takes up a lot of time. But taking an extra day off could help more than your sanity.

"If people were to take an extra day off, the amount of money that would be added to our GDP would be a terrific amount of dollars," said Visit Champaign County President Jayne DeLuce.

That one day could add an extra $73 billion to the national economy.

"It makes sense," said Tony Allegretti, who lives in Urbana. "If people would go out, they wouldn't stay at their house."

"People might spend more time exploring or going out to eat or wandering around downtown," said Susanna Banner, who was visiting Champaign.

There's a lot more to Champaign County than that. Some of the biggest attractions are at or around the University of Illinois. So we asked people, "What would you do with a free day?"

"I would do a day date," said Banner. "Total novelty. I would spend money to go on a day date."

"I would probably go out to eat," said Allegretti.

Not every part of your day off needs to cost money. Going somewhere outside can just be good for your soul.

"In addition to taking time off, it's unplugging while you're taking the time off so you can truly enjoy the moment of where ever you are," said DeLuce.

Champaign County tourism brings in about $300 million a year in direct spending.
Original: 5:48 pm
CHAMPAIGN COUNTY -- It's finally Friday and many of us are looking forward to the weekend. Staying off of work an extra day could help boost the economy. Some say we should take more vacation days during the year.

A travel survey shows some people aren't using all their vacation days. But, if everyone took one more day off, it could add an extra $73 billion to the nation's economy. That's according to the U.S. Travel Association.

The president of Visit Champaign County says that's as good of an excuse as any to get out and explore, whether that's going somewhere new or just seeing what's beyond your own backyard. As far as where that money comes from, it's restaurants, attractions, shopping, pretty much anywhere you go you have to get out your wallet. That brings nearly $300 million into Champaign County each year.

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