Andre Davis faces new murder charges

By Amanda Porterfield |

Published 06/14 2014 04:41PM

Updated 06/17 2014 12:18PM

Update: 10:06 pm, 6/16/14, Monday
CHICAGO -- A man who was set free after doing time for a Rantoul murder is now accused in another killing. Police say Andre Davis' nephew shot a teenager after getting into an argument.

They say Davis then cut the teen's throat and dumped his body in an alley in Chicago. Davis spent 32 years in prison for the murder of 3-year old Brianna Stickel. He was exonerated in 2012 because of DNA evidence.

Brianna's aunt helped set him free because she was convinced he was innocent. Now, Judi Stickel is distraught over the latest news. Davis will be in court on the new murder charge next week.
Original: 4:41 pm, 6/14/14, Saturday
CHICAGO -- He was set free after spending 32 years in prison for a Rantoul murder. Now Andre Davis faces murder charges again. The 53-year old faces charges for the murder of a 19-year old Chicago man.

You may remember DNA evidence exonerated him in July 2012. Andre Davis was in prison for murdering 3-year old Brianna Stickel, of Rantoul, in 1980. He spent more than 3 decades in prison.

This recent case is out of Chicago. CBS News reports Davis was at his nephew's house party. His nephew shot 19-year old Jamal Harmon after an argument. Police found the victim shot and stabbed in an alley in October, 2013.  
Prosecutors say witnesses told them Davis was at the party and helped load the man, who was still alive, into the trunk of a car. He allegedly then drove off. Prosecutors also say Davis told people he planned to cut the victims throat, then dump the body.

Court records show Davis was arrested in Chicago, June 12, 2014 for DUI. He's due back in court June 24.

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