Animal shelter improves dogs' quality of life

Published 01/08 2013 08:52PM

Updated 01/08 2013 10:39PM

CHARLESTON -- An animal shelter is doing more than providing a temporary home for dogs, it is stimulating their brain.

    The Coles County Animal Shelter is trying out quality of life exercises.  Gail Nelson volunteers there.  She says a dog's life deteriorates the longer they live at a shelter so she is trying to change that.

    The shelter now plays calming music for the pets so they don't hear barking all day long.  They also feed them with food puzzles.

    The shelter is also asking for Kuranda Beds for their dogs.  The orthopedic beds are chew proof.  If you want to donate one, click here to connect with the shelter or here to learn more about the beds.

    Nelson says any shelter can install the music player.  Just click here to learn more.

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