Animals rescued from bad living conditions

Published 02/28 2013 09:20PM

Updated 03/01 2013 09:55AM

Update: 9:01 pm, 2/28/13, Thursday
MOROCCO, IN -- The Iroquois County Animal Rescue is looking for your help. After an Indiana woman was found unconscious in her home and rushed to the hospital earlier this week, ICARe was called in to help her pets.  

The Benton County Sheriff's Department in Indiana say the woman died at the hospital. Her family gave ICARe permission to take the pets and nurse them back to health, but it won't be easy or cheap.

"It had animal feces all over. There was trash all over. The smell was horrendous," said Faith Stackert, vice president of ICARe.

She was there the day they rescued twenty cats and five dogs.

"You never think it's going to be in your backyard but it was really bad," said Stackert.

Now she's doing her best to find the animals new places to live but first, it's going to take some work.

"We will get them all spayed, neutered. They will be vaccinated for rabies and distemper. The dogs will be tested for heart-worm. The cats will be tested for feline AIDS and leukemia.

The animals will also get microchipped, dewormed and examined by a vet; procedures that could cost ICARe about $2,500 and then some.

"Because we're no-kill, these animals can stay with us for as long as they need too, for their entire life. If nobody ever comes to adopt them, we will keep them. We're never going to euthanize them," said Stackert.
ICARe is looking for donations to help cover the costs. They also need people to adopt the pets. To learn more on how to do either, send an email to or call (815) 429 - 4028.

Original: 10:20 pm, 2/25/13, Monday

EARL PARK, IN -- More than 20 animals need a home after living in dangerous conditions. The Iroquois County Animal Rescue (ICARe) found them here last week.

A man called after checking in on his 60-year old neighbor. She was unconscious and taken to the hospital.

ICARe says there were about 20 cats and five dogs. They were living in their own filth with no food or water. Most of the animals are up for adoption.

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