Another hard hit for crops in Central Illinois

Published 08/10 2012 08:58PM

Updated 08/13 2012 11:33AM

URBANA -- Farmers are readjusting their harvesting plans after already weakened crops get hit again. Thursday night's storms are something we have all been waiting for, but not what we were expecting. The rain farmers prayed for turned out to be more damaging than they planned.

"Well I'll tell ya what, for 15-minutes we weren't sure exactly what was happening cause as that front came through, we had some straight line winds like I've never seen before," said Dennis Riggs. He is a farmer from Sidney.

Those storms damaged crops that were already weak from the drought.

"So then, all of a sudden you get a one-two punch of, not only heavy rains but also heavy winds, and then hail on top of that. It was pretty bad," said Riggs.

Now Friday, his crops are not looking too good. The corn is bent over and broken. The soy beans are flattened. 

"We've got some fields out there that are just about a total loss," said Riggs.

It's the same for farmers throughout the area. Fields in Sidney, Urbana and Philo all look similar.

"I don't think there was a field untouched," said Riggs.

Riggs says it is the nature of the game.

"One thing about agriculture is you never know what this year's going to bring and this has just been a whole list of things that have gone wrong. We started off with a really good year and things looked fantastic but then, of course, Mother Nature once again proved that she was in control," said Riggs.

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