Another water main break

By Anthony Antoine |

Published 02/16 2014 06:24PM

Updated 02/17 2014 09:29AM

WESTVILLE -- The village can't seem to catch a break. It's had more than ten water main breaks in the last two weeks.

Michael Bennett, superintendent of the gas and water company, says, "Due to the extreme cold and the frost penetrating the ground, we've had an enormous amount of water breaks. In the last two weeks we've had about eleven. One day we had three."

As soon as they're able to fix one pipe, another one bursts. Employees are working overtime.

Bennett says, "Were really getting worn out, but were handling it."

Mayor Mike Wesse says the pipes are at least 30 - 40 years old. The village applied for a state grant to invest in new ones, but was denied.

He says, "We’ve only got three guys employed on gas and water that can do all the breaks."

"In the last two days, we just about lost the towers due to water breaks that weren’t surfacing," says Bennett.

Officials didn't know where the breaks were, so they called in a leak surveyor from Saint Louis.

"He found two for us between last night and today. My main focus is to keep the town with water, and to try to fix these water mains breaks in a timely fashion," says Bennett.

After this season the mayor will look at ways to pay for new pipes. In the meantime he's asking everyone to help.

"We ask that the community conserve water for a while."

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