App helps track stolen phone; teen arrested

By Anna Carrera

Published 06/27 2014 03:55PM

Updated 06/27 2014 05:21PM

URBANA -- An area man helped police track his stolen phone within hours. Joey Moody took his phone to the gym Wednesday night and set it on a table. A few minutes later, it was gone.

Moody used his roommate's phone to call police, but says he knew the odds were against him. Then, he remembered he had a security app on his phone for situations just like this.

Moody says, "I was talking to a police dispatcher and was, every ten or fifteen seconds, giving him a live update. 'The person is walking here, they walked through County Market, they're walking through Burger King parking lot.' He said, 'We have three officers in the area and just keep on the line and keep telling me where it is.'"

Investigators say, when Moody used the app to set off an alarm on the phone, the people who had it dropped it on the ground, but the phone had taken a picture of the person using it when they tried an incorrect pass-code.

Police recognized the person who was a 16-year old girl. She was arrested.

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