Area businesses address health department violations

By Maggie Hockenberry

Published 08/25 2014 05:26PM

Updated 08/25 2014 05:36PM

CHAMPAIGN COUNTY -- Three area businesses failed health inspections and were found operating without permits. The Champaign-Urbana Public Health Department cited them for the violations. It requires all new businesses to apply for permits before serving customers. WCIA-3's Maggie Hockenberry finds out which businesses weren't in compliance.

The Crowbar in Sadorus, the Dugout in Urbana and Parkland College's Student Center were found serving food without health department approval in July. They've made some adjustments to their businesses since then.

"We don't know if we have a facility that's been properly constructed, properly cleaned or given proper instructions on handling the food."

Jim Roberts is the director of environmental health at CUPHD. He wants all new business owners to remember the importance of applying for a permit.

"The place has been cleaned, then you can move in the food."

The three businesses cited were found to be serving food without permits. The concern is making sure health department standards are met before the doors open. But, if they aren't, it could be a big problem.

"We send someone out to verify the situation. Inform them we expect corrective action, that they do whatever they need to."

The businesses cited have made some changes. Crowbar, in Sadorus, has closed. The Dugout, in Urbana, changed its menu to only include pre-packaged items. Parkland applied and received its permit. Some students are happy to hear it.

"It's right to have a permit to make sure the food is properly cared to make sure the students are not getting sick."

Miller says he already ate at the Parkland Student Services and it's delicious.

"Food is better than usual."

Parkland's cafeteria was closed for a brief time last month because of the paperwork oversight. It was in no way related to sanitary or food violations.

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