Area pilot remembered fondly

Published 08/29 2013 04:38PM

Updated 09/01 2013 10:48AM

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EDGAR COUNTY -- Family and friends mourn the loss of a pilot killed earlier this week. Rusty Bogue was the only person on-board when his plane crashed less than a mile from the airport. WCIA-3's Anna Carrera has the story.

He seemed to know everyone who came in and out of the airport. When you ask people about him, their faces just light up. They have so many stories about how he was such an insightful flight instructor, loving father and husband, plus so much more.

"The thing I loved most about my brother is he knew that his passion was flying," said Rusty's brother, Rob. 

Rusty spent years flying high above the Edgar County Airport.

"Got into flying RC planes and would come out here to the airport and fly them because it was empty and that's how I met Rusty," said Rusty's friend, Joe Scheiner.  

Years ago, Joe and Rusty bonded because of their love of flying. Rusty was one of Joe's flight instructors and says they got to know each other in the training plane's small cockpit.

"You're a little tight in there, so you get to know someone pretty good," said Joe. 

His friends say Rusty was not just an experiences pilot, but was also a tremendous teacher.

"I'm thinking, how much longer is he going to let me keep going down because I'm seeing corn stalks," said Joe, remembering one of his flight lessons. "Then finally, he's like, 'go on, climb back up.'"

The planes at the Edgar County airport and the pilots who fly them had a special place in Rusty's heart.

"He knew that he wanted to leave his community better off than where it started," said Rob.
But his true loves were waiting for him at home after work.

"He loved Ann and, when she came along, he loved MJ," said Rob. "He was so worried about being a good father, and yet everybody knows how great a father he was."

Now his friends and family will keep their eyes on the skies remembering the man who taught them to reach onward and upward.

"The things he was doing, the legacy he left behind, the ripples that will continue," said Rob. "It's a pretty darn good legacy."

Some of his students say Rusty would come out to the airport anytime, day or night, when they wanted to practice. His focus was always helping the community of pilots grow and share his love of flying.
Original: 4:38 pm
EDGAR COUNTY -- Investigators are sifting through the wreckage at the site of a plane crash. NTSB officials say 33-year old Rusty Bogue was in the cockpit of the twin engine Cessna 421 Tuesday morning. He was heading for Terre Haute, IN.

The plane crashed and caught fire less than a mile from the Edgar County Airport. The coroner says Bogue died on impact. Bogue taught flying lessons at the airport.

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