Area teacher takes PE to DC

Published 10/23 2012 05:52PM

Updated 10/23 2012 05:59PM

CHAMPAIGN -- One teacher knows how to get kids moving, and she's taking her ideas to Washington D.C. WCIA-3's Jessica Shaw learns she plans to share her ideas with the First Lady.

Wendy Starwalt's ideas to get students at Carrie Busey up and active worked so well, she's sharing it, not only with Michelle Obama, but other schools and teachers as well. Students aren't just flexing their pipes, the school makes sure they're flexing their muscles and staying in shape.

The Motive to Move is all part of a program put in place by Starwalt who is a PE teacher. Kids wear activity monitors to track how long they're up and about. The goal is to get 60-minues of activity each day.

"It's kind of amazing. We had to eat with it, we had to sleep with it, take a shower with it."

"When the kids have something like that to give them feedback on whether they're active or not active, it's motivating for them."

Those minutes earn them points to build an online aquarium.

"When you get the whole thing full, your aquarium gets really big."

"I've heard kids say, 'I've got two minutes left on my watch, so I did two minutes of jumping jacks,'
and parents have reported that in the evening, kids want to go outside because they haven't hit their time yet."

She'll be sharing this and other ideas at Michelle Obama's Let's Move in School Showcase this week.

"It's really exciting. It's like a PE teacher's dream to be part of an initiative like this."

An initiative that keeps kids at Carrie Busey, and around the country, on their feet.

"You can do it whenever you want, even when you don't have the watch on."

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