Area vets helping house homeless vets

Published 11/16 2012 03:57PM

Updated 11/16 2012 05:32PM

UNIVERSITY OF ILLINOIS -- They're called the Illini Veterans. A group of military men and women getting higher education in Central Illinois. And, as if fighting for our country wasn't enough, now they're fighting for others who have served, but are out on the streets. WCIA-3's Amanda Porterfield has our Hometown Heroes.

It looks like a garage sale, but these household items, all in great condition, are being given away, to veterans.

"It's a success because of the people who are helping out with it."

Geri Young is the vice president of Illini Veterans. The group plans to donate to 80 veterans in Central Illinois.

"Our overall goal is to benefit veterans in the community. We are all about showing the successful transition from military life to academic culture and what better way to do that then to show that you can give back?"

These items are going to homeless vets, because, according to the Center for American Progress, one in seven people who are homeless, served in the military.

"In terms of homeless veterans, I don't think those two words should ever be used together. They are people that have served their country honorably and they shouldn't be in that situation."

Young served in the Air Force and is now studying psychology at UI. She says it's giving back to veterans alongside veterans that makes her sure it's work she'll continue after she graduates.

"I love what I do. I know that whenever I am done with school and grow up, I want to work with veterans in any capacity I can. I love the group. Illini Veterans is a good support group, and I'm very happy to be a part of it. Very honored to be in that club."

The Illini Veterans is still collecting donations and is partnered with the Veterans Association.

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