Area woman's horoscope predicts big win!

Published 06/12 2013 03:37PM

Updated 06/12 2013 05:57PM

JACKSONVILLE -- One woman is a half-million dollars richer thanks to her horoscope. Ella Vedder says she read her horoscope in the morning and it told her she'd be lucky at 11 am. So, she went to the gas station, walked around until exactly 11 am, then bought a millionaire raffle. And, she won, a half-million dollars.

She's the first winner in the state's July 4th Raffle this year. Vedder says she's going to use her winnings to buy a new home and a car. She says she never thought she'd be the one holding one of those big lottery checks, and still can't believe the money is hers.

It wasn't the only winning ticket she bought that day. She also got a $5 scratch off and won $100!

She says she's still going to keep playing just because she likes the thrill of it. She'll also probably pay closer attention to her horoscope more often as well.

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