Arson target

Published 01/09 2013 04:47PM

Updated 01/09 2013 06:44PM

DECATUR -- Fear is taking over a neighborhood. This house was set on fire for the fifth time in one month.

Now neighbors are scared they could be next. The house is abandoned. It's in the 1800 block of North Maple Avenue.

Police don't know who's doing this, it's all still under investigation. Whoever this is, neighbors are begging them to stop.

"I want my safety." Tricia Wilson said.

Tricia Wilson moved onto Maple Avenue seven months ago, but she hasn't had much time to enjoy it. For nearly two months, she's been cleaning up.

"You honestly get tired of waking up to the house next door on fire,"

Wilson said.

She woke up to flames at 1 am. Firefighters banged on her door telling her to get out of her house, for the fifth time in a month.

"I walk outside and there's flames shooting out of the top of the house...again."

But this time, those flames next door hit her home.

"The sidings melted, there's smoke damage," Felicia Davis said.

Wilson's sister Felicia Davis lives here too. She says she hasn't slept peacefully in over a month.

"It's very frightening. I wish they would stop it. They're not just endangering us, they're endangering everybody in this neighborhood."

Everyone who lives on this block has called both the police and the fire department. They say they're in the dark about what's going to happen.

But for their family's safety, they want it gone.

"Hello? City of Decatur tear it down."

This family is thinking about staying in a hotel until something is decided, because they say they're sick and tired of living in fear.

"If someone can set that house on fire, someone can set mine on fire.

Dozens of people in the neighborhood say they've signed a petition that is going around and are hoping that soon this house will be torn down, and this problem will be gone for good.

If you know anything about this, call Crimestoppers at 423-TIPS.

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