At least one case of "Stranger Danger" resolved

By Betty Simpson |

Published 09/18 2013 04:30PM

Updated 09/20 2013 11:05AM

Update: 1:04 pm, 9/19/13, Thursday
URBANA -- Police say reports of possible attempted abductions of a middle school child were apparently a misunderstanding. A child reported being approached Monday and Tuesday by a man in a red car. Authorities say there was miscommunication between families and the incident is no longer considered suspicious.
Original: 4:30 pm, 9/18/13, Wednesday
URBANA -- Police are urging parents to talk to their kids about Stranger Danger. They're investigating three incidents reportedly happening to two children.

Two incidents involve a middle-schooler who told police a man in a light-red SUV approached the student Monday and Tuesday and told the student to get in the car. One of the days, a female passenger was also in the car.

The third incident happened Wednesday morning. Police say a 7-year old boy was approached by a man in a blue van near Beslin and Wright streets. All incidents are under investigation.

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