Autopsies to Determine Murder-Suicide?

Published 01/31 2012 12:35PM

Updated 01/31 2012 12:35PM

Update: 12:35 Tuesday
     Autopsies on brothers, James and Thomas Angwin of Riverton were completed by the Sangamon County Coroner today. Preliminary findings show each died from a single gunshot wound to the chest.
    Officials say evidence points to a possible murder-suicide, but a final determination may not be made until the investigation is complete.

Latest: 11:47 am Monday

    Autopsies will be performed Tuesday on two brothers found dead in Riverton this weekend. 56-year old James Angwin and 62-year old Thomas Angwin were reportedly found dead from gunshot wounds at a home on North Third early Saturday morning. Investigators say it's possibly a case of murder-suicide.

Update: 9:45 pm Saturday

    We now know the names of two men found dead in a Riverton home.The Sangamon County coroner says 56-year-old James Angwin and 62 year old Thomas Angwin were the victims. The two are brothers. An autopsy for the two will be scheduled for Tuesday. The coroner says it's possible they died in a murder suicide. But men died from gunshot wounds.

Originial: 5:35 pm Saturday

    RIVERTON - Investigators believe a murder suicide is why two men were found dead in a Riverton home.Police say they are close relatives. Both men were in their 50's. A third relative found their bodies around 9:00 this morning inside a home on the 700 block of North 3rd Street, footsteps away from Riverton High School. Police tell us both of the men died from gunshot wounds. The victim's names aren't being released.

    A neighbor told us she heard the two arguing last night. But the exact reason for the shooting is still under investigation. Police say this as an isolated incident. They don't have any other suspects.

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