Babies born on 12/12/12

Published 12/12 2012 05:49PM

Updated 12/12 2012 05:55PM

URBANA -- Many babies will have a unique set of numbers on their birth certificates. This is the last time we'll see repeating numbers in a date like today in our lifetime.

Hanna Carter almost had her baby at 12:12. She got to the hospital around 8 PM on Tuesday night. She said she started pushing around 11:45 PM. Just a few minutes later, Levi was born. That was at 12:08 AM. Levi is Carter's first child.

"As soon as I found out I was pregnant and they said my due date was December 6th, I thought it'd be pretty cool to have him on that," said Carter. "And people were like, why? And I was like, 12/12/12!"

Cortney Williams and her daughter, Emma, had a different start to their day. Their doctor was going out of town. So a few weeks ago, they planned to have a C-section. It just so happened to be set for Wednesday. Emma came into the world a little after 8 AM.

"I think it kind of neat," said Williams. "I think she'll like it. It will make it easy for everyone to remember."

The mothers and babies are all doing well. 

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