Better weather has apple orchard owner excited

Published 07/15 2013 08:47PM

Updated 07/16 2013 10:34AM

CHAMPAIGN -- An apple farmer is hoping for a bounce-back year after a rough 2012. Curtis Orchard opens this weekend. The owner is excited for this season because of the great weather so far this year.

2013 has had just the right amount of rain and sunshine. Last year, a frost and the infamous drought ruined a majority of the orchard's crop.

"Not many people have the backyard trees of the family farm anymore," said owner Randy Graham. "We provide that connection that people have lost in general, so it's really a good feeling when they can come out and experience all of the farm the way we intended for them."

Graham says the weather was almost too good this year. Some trees were overflowing with apples. That forced workers to thin many of them out to keep the branches from snapping.

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