Blagojevich Behind Bars

Published 03/15 2012 05:12PM

Updated 03/15 2012 06:06PM

    Rod Blagojevich is no longer a free man. The former governor stepped into a Colorado federal prison at 12:51 this afternoon. WCIA-3's Steve Staeger watched him walk through the doors.
    Many people said Rod Blagojevich needed a wake up call. Today he got it. Leaving his home at 6 am, the former governor didn't shy away from the cameras. He said goodbye to his wife and daughters, then started down a path that will last him at least the next eleven years.
    He hopped a 7:30 am flight for Denver on a plane filled with cameras and reporters. He didn't escape the attention when he landed. A news chopper followed as the former governor and his attorneys made their way from the airport to the prison.
    Well, not right to prison. There was a quick stop at a local burger joint. And, right before his deadline, the former governor made his way into prison with a final wave, before walking through those doors, doors he won't walk out of for another 11-years.
    From now on, Blagojevich will wear a white shirt all the time. It includes his last name, and prison number... 40892-424.

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