Blagojevich on the Inside of Englewood

Published 03/16 2012 01:14PM

Updated 03/16 2012 05:58PM

    Rod Blagojevich is getting ready to wrap up his first full day in prison. The former governor reported to a prison outside of Denver, CO. Why Colorado? WCIA-3's Steve Staeger has a few theories.
    From where we're standing here in Littleton, CO, to Rod Blagojevich's home is about 1,000 miles. You would think the former governor would want to be closer to his family, but there could be some perks to doing time here.
    When it comes to picking a prison, Rod Blagojevich went through something similar to what your high school senior is going through.
    "I think it's kind of like colleges. You know you talk to kids. Hey where do you wanna go? What's the deal with this school? What's the deal with that school?"
    And, apparently Rod Blagojevich learned the real deal about the federal correctional institution, Englewood.
    "Englewood by reputation is supposed to be a good facility."
    Rick Kornfeld is a defense attorney and former federal prosecutor.
    "He'll have a lot of freedom of movement. There's a library, there's a law library. There's a track, there's workout facilities. So you're given quite a lot of latitude to move a round."
    Sources say the former governor was already slapping high-fives at dinner his first night. And, from the sounds of it, he shouldn't have trouble making friends. None of the inmates in Englewood has been convicted of violent crimes.
    "There will be other older white collar inmates out there so he'll have people to talk to and he'll probably have some things in common with."
    Another interesting fact about the place, Money Magazine named it one of the best places to go to prison. Will Rod Blagojevich agree? We'll have to ask him about it in 11 years.
    Also, former Enron CEO, Jeffery Skilling, is house there. He's serving a 24-year sentence for securities fraud.

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