Board leaves MTD fate up to voters

Published 06/19 2012 10:20PM

Updated 06/20 2012 11:24AM

CHAMPAIGN -- Voters will decide what happens to the Southwest MTD. The board plans to ask the public if it should disappear.

Originally the group's purpose was to keep buses out of its neighborhoods. Now people are questioning whether they're serving any purpose at all.

Voters approved the Champaign Southwest MTD 6 years ago. Now with the new YMCA and Windsor West Apartments, some people want bus service. However, Southwest MTD isn't prepared to provide it and CUMTD won't unless Southwest dissolves.

"We've agreed whatever the majority of the citizens want to do, whether it's to keep it or to dissolve it, that's what we'll do. Regardless."

"I believe that this district should exist to provide that level of transportation that is desired by the citizens of the district, be that a lot of transportation with lots of buses in that district or no buses."

Right now 75%of homeowners in the area pay taxes to both districts. Dempsey and two other board members say it's about focusing on themselves and not continuing this fight with CUMTD. He says it's up to the majority of citizens. They'll start drafting the questionnaire.

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