Board of Trustees Standing Behind President Hogan

Published 02/28 2012 04:15PM

Updated 02/28 2012 05:34PM

Update 2/28/12

    The University of Illinois Board of Trustees is standing behind it's President.  Chairman Christopher Kennedy wrote a letter back to 14 faculty members and he doesn't want President Michael Hogan to step down.
    In the letter Chairman Kennedy says Hogan will "make a tremendous difference to the future of the University."  He also says, "The board continues to believe that President Hogan has the capacity to attract and retain a great team and we continue to support his efforts and we hope you will, too."
    Professor Richard Blahut signed the original letter to the board asking for Hogan to step down.  He isn't happy with the board's response.  "I see this University, because of it's administrative leadership, trying to rip itself apart.  I think this University is too valuable and too important to the state and to the world to allow this kind of thing to happen," said Blahut.
    Faculty members say they don't trust President Hogan after a controversy surrounding his secretary Lisa Troyer and his 'bullying' of Chancellor Phyllis Wise.

Original 2/24/12

Almost 100 University of Illinois faculty want University President Michael Hogan to step down.  They signed a letter to send to the Board of Trustees.  It says they have no confidence in the president.

The faculty members say they don't trust him after an email controversy with his chief of staff.  Also, they say he bullied Chancellor Phyllis Wise.

A university spokesperson says the group represents a small percentage of the faculty. 

The letter could only be signed by those who are chaired, meaning part of their salaries are privately funded.

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