Boil Order Remains in Effect for Jacksonville

Published 06/26 2011 05:46PM

Updated 06/26 2011 06:18PM

"It's amazing, you don't realize how often you turn the sink on," said Shelly Heitbrink.

Simple tasks are now being made a little more challenging.

"Everything has to be boiled, so that's quite an inconvenience for cooking and brushing teeth, simply  brushing teeth every day," she said.

The city-wide boil order is not only affecting residents, but also businesses.

"It's kind of strange for us to go into a restaurant and have paper products," said Heitbrink.

While it may be inconvenient, residents say the city is doing the best they can.

"You don't realize but it could be worse, I mean no electricity or something like that, it could be worse," said Lana Early.

"I really think they're doing a great job at trying to help everyone out," said Heitbrink.

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