Bomb threat in campustown

Published 07/21 2012 10:43PM

Updated 07/23 2012 01:10PM

CHAMPAIGN -- A suspicious suitcase makes for tense moments on campus; people watching and waiting to see if it's a bomb. Police were called to the corner of Sixth and Greet Street at 5:00 pm.

Someone spotted a suitcase that clearly didn't belong.  The bomb squad stopped traffic for two hours to open it.
Technicians stood by as a robot scanned the bag left between some bushes.

People looked on. There was silence when the robot unlocked the bag and cheers when the officer opened it and only found books.

"I mean it was kind of scary since I live right above. It was unsettling, but other than that, I feel like they had it under control," said student Gilles Murid.

"It's one of those things where we used an abundance of caution that there's nothing that shouldn't be we used our training and the equipment that we had to make sure it was opened safely," said Deputy Chief Troy Daniels of the Champaign police.

After it was opened traffic was once again allowed through.  Daniels says the techniques used were standard procedure.

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