Boost in gun sales may not last

By Anna Carrera

Published 06/02 2014 04:16PM

Updated 06/02 2014 05:16PM

URBANA -- Across the country, gun makers are seeing big boosts in sales. Handgun permits are also on the rise. Gun experts say self-defense has played a part in it as well as concealed-carry. Store owner, Dave Costley, says he's seen a lot of new gun owners stopping in his store and a lot more women than usual.

Handgun sales for Smith & Wesson are up by more than 30%. That's one of the biggest gun makers in the country. Colt Manufacturing sold twelve times as many handguns in the first five months of the year than it did in all of 2013.

But Costley says he doesn't expect the boom to last.

“The summer season normally, we're sitting around, as the old joke goes, playing tiddlywinks. This summer has started that way. I think with the long winter we had, I think it's going to continue.”

Costley says he's not surprised to see big numbers from those two manufacturers, but he expects sales to taper off and probably be about average for the year. With the warmer weather, Costley says people will likely spend less time in his store since shooters turn their focus to targets for the summer or just take it easy until hunting season starts in August.

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