Boys & Girls Club looks for volunteers to shorten waiting list

Published 03/12 2013 06:26PM

Updated 03/20 2013 06:12PM

DANVILLE -- Funding cuts and rising costs are making it tough for the Boys and Girls Club. It's had to turn families away, leaving dozens of kids on a waiting list. WCIA-3's Jessica Shaw finds out how more volunteers could help.

The group isn't able to afford as many paid staff members, so leaders hope volunteers can help fill that need and hopefully get some kids off the waiting list. From 2 - 6 pm every afternoon, the club is home to about 200 kids like Da'Montae Robinson. He's got his reason for coming back week after week.

"One, you see your friends. I'm very popular here. Two, I like playing sports and three, I like learning something new," says Robinson. 

The Boys and Girls Club is more than that. It's a place to keep kids out of trouble and help them with homework.

"All you have to do is raise your hand and they call on you."

But, recently, funding has dropped by more than a quarter. It means the club can only accept so many. But, like always, there's no limit to the need.

"To tell them 'no, I'm maxed at what I can do with kids,' it just kills me," says Rob Gifford the executive director. 

The club hopes volunteers will be able to help fill the gap.

"We don't want a waiting list. When you have 50 - 100 kids on the list, those kids are out there and their parents are looking for someplace for them to come," said Gifford. 

The club wants to make sure it can be that place for these kids and more. There are currently eight volunteers. Club leaders are looking for more.

For more information, call (217)446-4315.

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