Broken pipes become growing problem

By Gary Brode |

Published 01/07 2014 10:18PM

Updated 01/22 2014 12:29PM

Update: 10:06 pm, 1/21/14, Tuesday
CHAMPAIGN -- Extreme temperatures are causing concerns for homeowners. Two weeks ago, we met Brent Frye. His pipes froze then burst.

He fixed it and is now focused on making sure it doesn't happen again. Frye says he's letting water drip from his faucet. He turned the temperature up in his home a few degrees and opened cabinet doors. With all of that, he's still worried.

Frye says his friend saw his story on the news and is now taking better care of his pipes as well.
Original: 10:18 pm, 1/7/14, Tuesday
CHAMPAIGN -- Cold temperatures are causing problems for many and one major problem; broken water pipes. Firefighters responded to 20 calls without water over the last 36 hours. They expect even more over the next few days.

It's been a trying few days in Central illinois. Cold temperatures are keeping most at home, but the cold is causing issues inside as well.

"With this extreme weather, I knew it was always a possibility, but I didn't think it would happen to us and it did."

Brent Frye's been without water for 2 days. A line burst Monday. He's hoping for warmer weather to get the line fixed. But that could be a problem for others.

"We don't see any of the breaking until it starts to warm up. My guess is that since it's been so cold, we are seeing more on this end too. So we are actually expecting this to occur a little more as the week warms up," says Fire Marshal John Koller.

He's not alone. Others are dealing with frozen lines. In those cases, experts recommend letting water trickle from faucets overnight. Open cabinent doors to expose pipes to warmer room temperatures.

This fathor of five says it's best to be proactive.

"I would highly suggest that people would check them out," Frye says.

Frye checked his but it wasn't enough. If your pipes do freeze, shut off your water immediately. Once it's turned off, apply heat to the frozen line. When the pipes have thawed let the water run slowly and check for leaks.

Frye's stepdad has been working on it for a day now.

"We had to do the dishes in the bathtub," Frye says. "You got to make the best with what you got and I think we did for the most part."

Frye is hopeful that his stepdad can get his pipe fixed soon. Make sure everyone in your home knows where the main water shut-off valve is, just in case your pipe does break.

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