Brother's testimony describes night of murders, Part 1

Published 05/15 2013 04:36PM

Updated 05/15 2013 05:38PM

PEORIA COUNTY -- Prosecutors called their key witness in the mass murder trial against Christopher Harris Wednesday. His brother, Jason, took the stand.

He says he was there when Chris killed the family and helped hide the evidence afterwards. WCIA-3's Ashley Michels has more from the courtroom.

Jason says the two were out country-cruising that night, basically drinking, getting high on pot and cocaine and driving through the country. He says, about midnight, they ended up in Beason and Chris asked Jason if he ever noticed the Gee's 16-year old daughter, Justina, flirting with them.

That's when Chris reportedly wanted to go talk to her. So, they stopped and Jason says Chris hid a tire iron in his sleeve before going in.

The defense asked him if he thought that was strange. Jason said, 'yes,' but didn't stop Chris or ask any questions. He says he just stayed in the car and a few minutes later, heard a "thud" like someone dropping a bowling ball and a scream like in a horror movie.

Jason says he hid in some trees the whole time and just watched. One of the more chilling details was when he told jurors he saw Dillen come outside and call Jason's nickname, "Bubba," for help, but Jason says he didn't know what to do, so he didn't respond.

Later, he says he saw Chris beat the teen with the tire iron on the sidewalk. Then, his brother went back in. Jason says it sounded like he was destroying the house. He says, when Chris came out for good, he was wet with sweat and blood and didn't say anything except, "I f***ed up. I killed them all."  

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