Bus monitor accused of abusing students

Published 09/05 2013 04:44PM

Updated 09/06 2013 11:32AM

RANKIN -- Some parents say their kids are being abused by school employees and they won't be quiet about it until something's done. They say it's happening on a school bus their kids take to class in Hoopeston. WCIA-3's Megan Brilley has more.

The parents say a school bus monitor has been verbally abusing their kids for years, and it's now turned physical. That's when they decided enough is enough.

"When she got off the bus, she was crying and I asked her what happened."

Kim Kissee's 12-year old daughter told her the school bus monitor attacked her because she stood up on the bus.

"The monitor grabbed her, shoved her in the seat then smacked her with the book bag."

Kissee says another student on the bus got the abuse on video. She and several other parents say they saw the video.

"I wanted to beat the hell out of her. I wanted to do it the legal way, and it seems like these kids have no rights."

The cellphone video has since been deleted, but school district employees say they have seen it, but it wasn't enough to fire anyone.

"I don't care if my child was doing somersaults down the aisle. It does not give any adult the right to hit a child."

Kissee didn't think it could get any worse until she heard what happened to her friend's son Wednesday.

"The bus came to a stop."

Rebecca O'Reilly's son was upset and walked off the bus. She says the driver left him on Route 9, four miles outside town.

"I couldn't believe the school left a child behind on the side of the road like that."

The district said the student left on his own free will, but wouldn't comment further.

"The safety of my son was not a concern and that scares me."

Both moms know their kids aren't perfect, but say, no matter what happens, the district is responsible for their safety.

"I just hope I get justice for what happened."

The superintendent declined to speak about employees or specific incidents, but released this statement: "Student safety is our number one concern and something we do not take lightly. We're human and we handle issues appropriately."

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