Business competition good deal for drivers

By Anthony Antoine |

Published 10/21 2013 01:07PM

Updated 10/21 2013 01:13PM

DANVILLE -- Gas prices in town dipped below $3.00 per gallon. Triple A says it's the only city in the state with that low a price. WCIA-3's Anthony Antoine finds out why it's so low.

Usually, when gas prices change, it's because of the government. But, this time, it's because of what's happening in the local economy. Drivers are taking full advantage of it.

"We just got back from Chicago and this is the cheapest anywhere that we saw."

Joe Kizer lives in town and gas for $2.95 is the lowest he's seen in a long time. But, he has a pretty good guess why it's happening.

"I think prices are down because Meijer come into town so all the competition is trying to keep people from traveling up north to Meijer to get the cheap gas, so they all lowered their prices."

He's exactly right.

"People freak out when they see gas prices under $3.00. Since Meijer opened up, we've had a lot of business actually."

People have been lining up at Circle K on Vermilion Street. Managers say the low price is all about friendly competition.

"We've always matched Walmart, so whenever Walmart goes down, we have to be lower. We've had lines going out to the street. We thought about directing traffic a few times."

Stations with higher prices aren't getting that same traffic.

"It's great though, we like the business."

According to AAA, the average price at the pump in Illinois is $3.45. If it stays that way, Kizer says it may bring more people into town.

"I think people from Indiana will be coming over here especially if it stays this low. Competition's good, good all the way around."

Mayor Eisenhauer agrees competition in the area is one force driving down prices.

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