Bystanders help nab robbery suspect

Published 12/29 2012 02:38PM

Updated 12/30 2012 04:04PM

UPDATE 6:07 P.M. :

CHAMPAIGN -- An 18-year-old stopped at a gas station to get a snack. But the next thing he knew, he was helping police tackle a robber.

It started at the Hardee's restaraunt off Bradley Avenue in Champaign last night. Police were called there for an armed robbery.

The suspects escaped to the nearby gas station.

That's where Logan Overbey comes in. He lives nearby and says he goes to the gas station a lot.

But never thought anything like this- would happen to him.

"I was walking into it when it all happened." Logan Overbey said.

It was a regular friday night for Logan Overbey. He and his friend Jeffrey went to the Village Pantry to stock up on drinks and food. That's when he saw people running out of the Hardee's next door.

"It was pretty spooky." Overbey said.

Overbey didn't know what was going on, then he saw police. All of the sudden, he says something came over him.

"Hearts racing." Overbey said.

Overbey started to hear the officer scream at him.

"He yelled at us and said stop him." Overbey said.

Without thinking twice, overbey grabbed the suspect.

"My first reaction was to jump on him. I jumped on him and my friend Jeffrey jumped on me, then the cop jumped on both of us."

They all piled onto 23-year-old Larry Pettigrew. Police say he had a gun in his waistline the whole time.

"He could've killed somebody, or hurt somebody." Overbey said.

Police say Pettigrew and another suspect tried to rob this Hardee's on Bradley. They escaped towards the gas station when officers arrived.

"We put our lives at risk trying to stop him. I was shaken up after. It was quite the adrenaline rush." Overbey said.

Pettigrew was taken away in cuffs. That's when reality started to sink in for this 18-year-old.

An everyday college student, had turned into your not-so-everyday hero.

"I think it's pretty cool actually." Overbey said.

Police say the second suspect is still on the loose. If you know anything about this you can call Crimestoppers at 373-TIPS.


CHAMPAIGN -- Some bystanders helped police catch a robbery suspect.

The incident started at the Hardees restaurant off Bradley Avenue last night around 9:40pm. Police were called there for an armed robbery. They say two suspects were escaping the parking lot when they arrived. One ran by a nearby gas station.

That's where police say three bystanders jumped into action and held the man down. A Parkland College police officer also helped make the arrest. The suspect is 23-year-old Larry Pettigrew of Champaign. Police say he was carrying a hand gun.           

They're still looking for the other suspect. Anyone with information is asked to call Crime Stoppers at 217-373-8477(TIPS).

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