Call center move brings jobs

By Anna Carrera , Erica Quednau |

Published 06/04 2014 03:43PM

Updated 10/29 2014 06:35PM

Latest: 5:25 pm, 10/29/14, Wednesday
RANTOUL -- More jobs are coming to town. The AT&T Call Center is now looking for workers.

In June, we found a call center in Springfield would shut its doors. Those jobs are being moved to Champaign County and many will end up in Rantoul. People have been working at the call center there since 1996. It's at the old Chanute Air Force Base.

People have already started interviewing for those jobs. Some say they're excited for the opportunity. 200 people worked at the Springfield call center. Everyone from that location was offered a job at Rantoul.

A spokesperson said people who didn't want to work in Rantoul could get severance pay. No word yet on how soon those positions will be filled. The workers are expected to help wireless customers.
Update: 10:13 pm, 6/10/14, Tuesday
RANTOUL -- Springfield's loss is Rantoul's gain. 200 jobs are headed to Champaign County. AT&T is closing its Springfield call center. All positions will be moved to other facilities; most to Rantoul. They will set up shop at the old Chanute Air Force Base. Workers will provide service to wireless customers.
Original: 3:43 pm, 6/4/14, Wednesday
SPRINGFIELD -- A company employing more than 200 people is shutting its doors. The AT&T Call Center, on Ash Grove, is closing in August. Company leaders say it's to consolidate work. A spokesperson says everyone from the Springfield facility is being offered a job at the Rantoul location, plus money to move. People who don't want to work there will get severance.

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