Cameras Capture Blago's Last Free Moments

Published 03/15 2012 05:37PM

Updated 03/15 2012 06:08PM

    We've never known Rod Blagojevich to be shy around cameras, and he certainly wasn't today. Cameras and reporters were around him all day as he surrendered himself to a prison in Colorado. WCIA-3's Steve Staeger was one of those reporters.
    From his early morning departure to his midday check-in, Rod Blagojevich was hardly ever out of the eye of the lens today. Cameras watched as he said goodbye to his Chicago home this morning.     They followed him to the airport and even on the plane. Then to the car rental shop, where he and his attorneys picked up an SUV for the long ride to the prison.
    They caught emotional moments as the former governor talked with his 8-year old daughter, comforting her on what's been a pretty tough day. Those cameras didn't even let up as Blago stopped to grab a last meal at a burger joint.
    We got our moment with Rod here. We were the only camera near the gate where his SUV turned in, and through that tinted, glass window, you can see him give us a final wave.
    And, this is the last view you'll see of Rod Blagojevich for a long time. He won't be coming out of that door for at least a decade.
    So what did the former governor have to say on his last day? WCIA-3 News will have more tonight at 10 pm.

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