Can You Leave the Scene?

Published 05/12 2012 06:09PM

Updated 05/12 2012 06:26PM

It's a cardinal rule behind the wheel. If you're involved in a car crash, you can't move. But there's a new bill that could change that.
''It was a friday night and it was around the Christmas shopping season.''
It was just like any other day for Sheila Masten. She was picking up some last minute gifts with her son when she was rear-ended.
''The guy behind me didn't get his car stopped in time, he hit me hard enough to hit the guy in front of me.''
It's a common scene for Veteran's Parkway here in the capitol of the busiest, most congest intersections in the area
''I mean we were really backed up. We waited 45 minutes just a cop to get there.''
This bill would change that. Lawmakers think it'd be safer to move fender bender accidents like Masten's to an off ramp or safe location.
So that raods like these can keep moving.
''There was so many wrecks because of all the congestion the cops weren't able to move very far for very long because there was another fender bender right behind it.''
Masten says the bill could potentially save lives and stop pile ups from happening but there is this question...
''What if the person doesn't have insurance? They're gonna flee.''
If they do, they'll be arrested. Lawmakers say this bill isn't meant to cause crime, but to keep our streets safer.
''I think we need to at least give it a try.''

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