Carry permits could take months

Published 06/24 2013 05:20PM

Updated 06/25 2013 11:07AM

SPRINGFIELD -- In two weeks concealed-carry will be allowed in Illinois, but some lawmakers are worried the permit process will take a lot longer. Some say it could be months before anyone could carry. Once the state law is signed, you can only carry if you have a concealed-carry permit. But the problem is, the permit process isn't set up yet.

Illinois State Police are in charge of implementing the permits, but they say they're short-staffed and under-funded, which makes it tough to get the ball rolling on such a big task. Some predict it could be at least three months before state police even figure out how getting a concealed-carry permit will work, plus setting up training classes and processing time.

That's why some lawmakers say they may have to step in and make additional laws to help speed up the process. Critics say it's unfair to make people wait months for carry permits when a federal court ruled come July 9, 2013 Illinois has to make it legal.

That's why a number of counties have taken matters into their own hands. Several have stopped prosecuting for carrying a loaded gun in public. Carrying a concealed weapon in Illinois is still against the law until the carry permits are ready and issued.

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