Central High School location still undecided?

By Erica Quednau | equednau@wcia.com, Amanda Porterfield | aporterfield@wcia.com, Gary Brode | gbrode@wcia.com

Published 04/25 2014 11:17AM

Updated 06/09 2014 05:15PM

Latest: 5:04 pm, 6/9/14, Monday
CHAMPAIGN -- Unit 4 needs more feedback about a potential site for Central High School. The district is doing a telephone poll to generate suggestions from the community. It's extending that poll through the end of June.

It's changing questions based on results from the first round of calls. Meanwhile, a public meeting takes place Friday for people in the Spaulding Park neighborhood to give their thoughts on using the property for the school's new location. It's from 5 - 7 pm, at Franklin Middle School.
Latest: 10:05 pm, 6/7/14, Saturday
CHAMPAIGN -- Unit 4 is going to need more time to decide where to build the new Central High School. District leaders hoped to have all the information a couple days ago, but the results from the surveys were not clear enough.

The next school will either be built on Interstate Drive or Spaulding Park. Now officials are going to take most of this month to get the rest of the information. The results of the survey will be given in a board meeting at the end of June or early August.
Latest: 10:04 pm, 6/6/14, Friday
CHAMPAIGN -- Residents are urged to attend an upcoming meeting on the new Central High School location. Unit 4 will host a community meeting on June 17 at Central High School. The district will share information and gather feedback regarding future plans. Everyone is welcome to attend the meeting which starts at 6:00 pm.
Latest: 5:52 pm, 4/28/14, Monday
CHAMPAIGN -- The conversation about where to build the new Central High School continues. Leaders of the Unit 4 School District announced the new school would be at Interstate Drive and Neil Street, but now they're considering Spaulding and Dodds parks as two new options.

They're two locations the district was interested in from the beginning, but didn't think they were available. After the announcement was made, things changed. Superintendent Judy Wiegand says the district was approached by the director of the Champaign Park District and board president. They brought up the possibility of the parks.

Now, the district is using the same criteria to evaluate those sites, just like they did for the others, to see how it ranks against the location they picked. The district plans to ask for the community's input over the next month or so. They hope to have a decision by August so a referendum can be put on the November ballot.
Update: 7:09 pm, 4/27/14, Sunday
CHAMPAIGN -- The conversation continues for the final location of Unit 4's Central High School. The board is looking at Dodds and Spalding parks. To build at Spalding, the district will have to tear down homes and the railroad tracks close by also raise safety concerns.

School board president Laurie Bonnett is taking a serious look at the Dodds Park location.

"The opportunity for our kids to go to Parkland and to use the Vo-tech classes which we talked about a lot and some kids are already doing. I have yet to see a negative side to the Dodds suggestion," says Laurie Bonnett, School Board President.

The board plans to do an opinion poll in the future. Monday, the school board will look at plans for the new building structure.
Original: 10:08 pm, 4/24/14, Thursday
CHAMPAIGN -- The Unit 4 School District is once again looking at the new site for Central High School. Several weeks ago, the district announced the new school would be at Interstate Drive and Neil Street. However, after a meeting, Champaign Park District officials say school leaders are considering Spaulding Park.

It was one of the original choices, but was ruled out because many felt it was "land-locked" and too close to train tracks. CPD says it could trade the land to the school district and make it a win-win for everyone. CPD says the talks are only preliminary. No major decisions have been made.

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