Central Illinois couple lucky lottery winners!

By Alex Davis | adavis@wcia.com

Published 04/11 2014 04:54PM

Updated 04/17 2014 06:14PM

Latest: 4:56 pm, 4/17/14, Thursday
TAYLORVILLE -- An area newlywed couple is the state's newest multi-millionaires. It's one of the biggest winning jackpots in Central Illinois. The winning ticket brought them some $20+ million.

They took the one-time payout, cash option. After taxes, it's about $8 million. They say they have a simple life and they'll likely stick to it. Last week, the couple verified their ticket at the Kroger. It's where Steve Durbin bought it last Thursday night. This Thursday though, it all came to reality when he and his wife, Wilma, accepted their oversized check.

They both say their lives are bound to change, but they hope to remain down-to-earth. Wilma, who is originally from Arcola, says their life was already good. They were married March 29 after having dated for years. So, this will just make their time together, that much sweeter.

The couple got lucky via Quick Pick. Steve says anytime he ever purchased a ticket, it was from the same drawing.

Someone in Central Illinois could be $300,000 richer. The Northender, in the 1200-block of North 9th Street, in Springfield, sold a winning Lucky Day Lotto ticket Wednesday night. The winner hasn't come forward yet.
Update: 10:11 pm, 4/11/14, Friday
TAYLORVILLE -- Thursday was a lucky day in Central Illinois. Someone bought a winning Quick Pick ticket. The winner will get more than $20 million. WCIA-3's Alex Davis hit the streets to get the story.

Have you ever been asked, "What would you do if you won a million dollars?"

"Probably faint."

"I have no idea."

"I can't even imagine."

"I would give ten percent to my local church."

"I'd quit my job."

"I really have no idea."


"I would give to a lot of charities."

"I don't know, probably leave. I'd go somewhere nice."

Now, multiply that question by 20 million and add $250,000.


"Oh my gosh. I can't even. Oh my goodness. Somebody from around here? Really?"

"I wish it was me, it's not, but I wish it was."

"That's a lot of money. I'm so happy for whoever it is."

It didn't take long before folks in Taylorville were taking about a couple who hit it big; rolling in some $20 million+.

"Can you imagine? That's wonderful!"

"Like I said, I wish it was me."

"That would be great. Now I wish I would have bought a ticket in there."

Word on the street is that the couple came in and verified their ticket, then headed over to Springfield. Multiple people at Kroger say a newly married couple won the money. A spokesperson for the Lottery says no one has been to Springfield to claim it, so, until that day comes, folks will keep talking.


"As long as I've lived here, I haven't heard of anyone winning this amount of money."

"I can't even fathom it. I'd just have to stand in a corner and pass it out."

The Kroger gets one percent of the jackpot or some $200,000.
Original: 4:54 pm, 4/11/14, Friday
TAYLORVILLE -- A lottery ticket could have someone in Central Illinois rolling in the dough. An area grocery store sold the winning ticket for Thursday night's lottery drawing.

It's worth millions. Imagine this: $20,250,000! It came from a quick pick ticket at the Kroger. The drawing was Thursday night. After visiting the Kroger, it was learned the winners are a married couple who came in to verify their ticket Friday morning.

According to the Illinois Lottery, so far, no one has gone to Springfield to claim it. Most likely they're getting their affairs in order before coming forward. Since the local Kroger sold the ticket, the store gets 1% of the jackpot, or about $200,000+.

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