Ceremonies honor fallen soldiers

By Anna Carrera

Published 05/26 2014 05:50PM

Updated 05/27 2014 11:55AM

SAVOY -- Ceremonies across the country are honoring those who have fallen in the line of duty. One of the speakers at an event in Savoy talked about how it can be easy to forget what Memorial Day is all about.

For the people attending, they say it's more than just a day off school and work. It's a day of remembrance for all the servicemen and women who died serving our country.

Two veterans from American Legion Post 1492 died this past year, so they placed a special wreath by the memorial wall to remember them. The post's vice commander, William Smith, says military work runs in his family.

"My dad served in World War Two and I've had two brothers that served in Korea. One served in Vietnam," said Smith. "I served in the Air Force, so it's kind of a family thing in many ways."

Veterans say this day is especially important for the next generation to remember. That's why they got Boy Scouts involved in the ceremony. One scout stood next to the POW flag as another reminder for everyone watching.

After the ceremony, people got to come out of the heat and enjoy some snacks at the municipal building. The Savoy American Legion is also in charge of a ceremony for Veterans Day.

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