Children arrested for throwing rocks

Published 08/13 2012 09:07PM

Updated 08/14 2012 10:42AM

OAKWOOD -- Three children are arrested for throwing rocks into a neighbor's yard. It happened Sunday afternoon. 

"My daughter's six, my son is ten and my other son is twelve years old," said Autumn Block.

She says some recent bullying got in the way of their fun.

"We had an incident with my son being up at the Oakwood Market and there was some older boys bullying him. They pushed him down and covered him in soda," said Block.

So, the children wanted to fight back.

"My son was throwing rocks with my youngest daughter into their yard," said Block.

That is when her husband called them inside and they got grounded. But, a second punishment was on its way.

"I was shocked. Angry, of course, but just shocked that they were going to take my kids to jail for throwing rocks when there was no damage," said Block.

"I just went inside and the cops came and they took us to that place, to the jail," said Bryce Block. He is the oldest of the three.

"She had us sit down and then they took our fingerprints and took pictures of us," said Bryce.

Only he and his younger brother were processed. The age limit is ten, so their six year old sister was too young.

"A six year old going to jail, that's ridiculous," said Block.

Block says that she realizes what her children were doing was wrong but thinks jail time is a little excessive. Deputies say the children are facing charges of disorderly conduct and may receive a notice to appear in court.

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