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Christian County to join wave of gun sanctuaries

ILLINOIS (WCIA) -- Come Tuesday night, Christian County could become the 6th Illinois county to pass a gun sanctuary resolution.

Following in Effingham's footsteps, they're sending a message to state lawmakers, they want the state to stop passing new gun legislation.

"We don't need anymore laws, we just need to enforce the laws that are on the book," says Christian County Board Chairman Tim Carlson.

He says right now lawmakers are making impulsive decisions and taking a one-size fits all approach in a diverse state. 

"You live out in the rural areas and you should be able to have something for protection and all that stuff cause you never know what happens."

Christian County's board is made up of 6 Democrats and 10 Republicans. Carlson expects unanimous support.

Carlson says counties like Shelbyville, Piatt, Menard, and Fayette are also considering the resolution. The new wave of rebellion is catching the eye of state lawmakers.

Rep. Sara Wojcicki Jimenez (R- Springfield) says she hasn't heard of any resolution plans in her districts but believes lawmakers should consider the message people are trying to send.

"As we’re making decisions at the Statehouse we should be taking all of that into consideration," says Rep. Wojcicki Jimenez. "I think when it comes to some of the legislation we’re talking about right now it can be very emotional."

Those supporting the sanctuary resolution say they're intentionally using the label "sanctuary" to draw comparison to immigration sanctuary cities. Wojcicki Jimenez says that distinction raises a larger question about the rule of law.

"We are a nation of laws and people generally except that and expect that if there's a rule they follow that and if you don't there's a fine...It’s raising the level of debate. What does a sanctuary city for x, y, z, really mean and how do we as policymakers or law enforcement handle that?"

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