Church hopes to fill pantry shelves

Published 07/11 2013 06:38PM

Updated 07/11 2013 06:41PM

ST. JOSEPH -- An area church says its food pantry needs help. Donations numbers are so low, some families don't always leave with everything they need. WCIA-3's Jessica Shaw has the story.

There's more space than food at the Church of Christ Food Pantry.

"Normally we have our canned goods over here."

It's a big concern for the Church of Christ. The contents in this room are only enough to feed two families, but many more come.

"All different types of people come here; about 40-families a month. Anything from single moms, married, just people in need. It's very frustrating because they depend on us."

The church says it's always had ups and down shen it comes to keeping the room stocked.

"It does fluctuate. Needs fluctuate. We'll see more."

But, this summer is the worst it's been. Groups have been struggling to collect donations.

"Has started doing a food drive, but even that's not bringing it in like it normally does. Normally we can get it stocked through that and it's not happening this year."

It's so bad, a volunteer posted this picture online hoping it would help bring in a few more cans and boxes.

"It's just kind of gone viral. A lot of people have been sharing it."

And the Church of Christ is hoping it will help spread the word and maybe fill up the shelves. Some of the things needed most include cereal, canned meats like chicken or tuna, and toiletries like toilet paper and laundry detergent. Donations can be brought to the Church of Christ on Sherman Street.

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