City manager agrees to fix pipes

By Anthony Antoine |

Published 03/01 2014 08:12PM

Updated 03/03 2014 11:23AM

FARMER CITY -- The city called in the Illinois American Water company to fix the pipes. The pipes here have taken a beating because of this winter weather. After weeks without it, some homeowners finally have water.

Just a few days ago, the city manager said frozen pipes on homeowners' property is not the city's responsibility. Since then, he's had a change of heart.

For those who live in Farmer City, no matter where the pipes are frozen, the city says they'll fix it. They didn't have the proper equipment to unfreeze the pipes, so they called the Illinois American Water Company in Champaign. They're going around to the houses with frozen pipes and steaming them, restoring water to people like Bobbi Hardy.

She says, "We technically went 13 days without running water in our house."

In that time, she says she had to get a little creative.

"A couple weeks without water was frustrating and inconvenient but I feel like we had to use some creativity and we can get by. We melted buckets of snow so we had some water to flush the toilet and caught rain water. We used water that we can use in our refillable jugs from the grocery store that we can wash dishes and cook and drink."

When she first realized her pipes were frozen she called the city, and they gave her a few options.

"We got a couple recommendations on what we can do, attaching the hose to the neighbors house and taking water from them, says Hardy."

They even agreed to pay the water bill.

"Trying to heat the pipe with a plumber was another option."

That didn't work, but thankfully the city showed up on her property ready to fix the pipes.

"I believe they injected steam into the ground to thaw the pipe and luckily that was successful, says Hardy.

The little things have a whole new meaning for Hardy.

"It makes you appreciate it when you get it back and you feel very lucky that we have those everyday conveniences."

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