Closing arguments attempt to convince jury, Part 2

Published 05/30 2013 05:05PM

Updated 05/30 2013 06:21PM

PEORIA COUNTY -- The fate of Christopher Harris now lies in the hands of 12 jurors. He's on trial for the murders of five members of a Beason family in 2009.

Both sides gave closing arguments Thursday. WCIA-3's Ashley Michels has more from court.

Defense attorneys say the state's whole case is pure speculation and has major holes in it. They maintain all the evidence can tell two different stories.

One is Chris' version, that he walked in on the family already dead, then had to kill 14-year old Dillen in self-defense. Then there's Jason Harris' story which the state is basing its whole theory around.

But, the defense points out Jason repeatedly lied to police about what happened, has been convicted of lying in court before and is making everything up now because of a plea deal. The defense says the bloody palm and shoe prints aren't where they'd need to be in relation to the bodies for Chris to be the killer.

Plus, they offered a brand, new scenario in which Dillen and his stepfather, Rick, fought each other. They say it's the only way Dillen's blood could have gotten under Rick's fingernails and is all the reasonable doubt the jury needs to acquit him.

The jury will get as much time as it needs to reach a verdict. All 12 have to agree on each of the 38-counts.

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