Clothing drive for family of fire

By Anna Carrera , Lindsey Gordon , Betty Simpson |

Published 06/24 2014 02:08PM

Updated 06/27 2014 06:09PM

Latest: 4:12 pm, 6/27/14, Friday
URBANA -- A community is coming together to help a family who lost everything in a fire. You may remember Tuesday's fire destroyed two mobile homes.

Now, members of The Fellowship of Christian Athletes are trying to help. They started a clothing collection drive for one of the families.

Director Robbie Gwinn says, "We just saw the need and we were like, 'Well, we have an email list of 600 kids and families that are coming to this camp, so the least we could do is have somebody donate some clothes,' and thankfully, we've had some and we're very thankful."

Those clothes were dropped off at Champaign's Centennial High School where the FCA has been having its free sports camp for more than 600 3rd - 8th graders this week. Parents of those kids were the ones who pitched in.

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Latest: 10:13 pm, 6/24/14, Tuesday
URBANA -- Two mobile homes went up in flames Tuesday afternoon. Two families are homeless after a fire destroyed their mobile homes. The good news is, no one was hurt.

It happened on Toni Lane in the Woodland Acres Mobile Home Park, just off East University Avenue. The fire started in the storage garage of 16 Toni Lane. Officials have ruled out several possibilities but cannot determine how it started.

"There were actually two residents home at Number 16. They noticed the fire and were able to get out of the trailer," said Sgt. Dan Coile with the Champaign County Sheriff’s Department.

Crews were called just before 2 pm Tuesday. By the time they got to the scene, #15 next door was also on fire. Officials say it took 20 minutes to get water on the fire.

"It seems like a long time, but they did an excellent job when you consider what they had to do and the decisions that they had to make," said Dan Smith, chief of Edge Scott Fire Department.

Decisions like blocking a portion of East University Avenue. Since there were no hydrants inside the park, they had to run the hose to the nearest one.

Smith says it didn’t take long after they got the water flowing before the fire was mostly out. The front of both homes are still standing, but both residences are a total loss.

"The inside is fairly well gutted, but, as I said, when you can keep the outside from melting through, that's a good knock down. Did an excellent job of knocking the fire down," said Smith.

A quick downpour didn’t really help crews fighting the blaze.

"Since most of the fire was under the roof, the only thing that it did was cooled some of my people down and got me soaking wet," said Smith.

There were two burned homes and one other that had siding damaged. Smith guesses the total cost is around $70,000. He says it could have been worse. Running the hose line was the right decision over using tender water trucks.

"We didn't want to take the chance of losing any more trailers," he said.

The park manager says they’ve had several fires in the last five years at Woodland Acres. She wants to see the property owner install a fire hydrant within the park.
Update: 4:46 pm, 6/24/14, Tuesday
URBANA -- Two mobile homes went up in flames Tuesday afternoon. Fire broke out just before 1 pm on Dale Lane. No one was hurt. Authorities say two people were in trailer 16 where the fire started, but they were able to get out quickly.

Crews were called to a fire at the Woodland Acres Mobile Home Park. By the time they arrived, two trailers were involved. Urbana was first on scene and it took awhile before crews could get water running from nearby hydrants, so they had to block off East University. No word on a cause of that fire.
Update: 4:01 pm, 6/24/14, Tuesday
URBANA -- At least two mobile homes have been destroyed by fire. Crews responded to Dale Lane about 1 pm, Tuesday. Fire started in one structure then spread to others nearby. No word on injuries, a damage estimate or cause at this time.
Original: 2:08 pm, 6/24/14, Tuesday
URBANA -- Firefighters are on the scene of a working fire at a mobile home park. It's on Dale Lane in east Urbana. It started in one home and is spreading to other structures. We have a crew on scene and will update this story as more information becomes available.

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