Community provides new roof for American Legion

By Anthony Antoine |

Published 08/05 2014 05:51PM

Updated 08/06 2014 11:30AM

Update: 10:12 pm
TUSCOLA -- There's a lot of history at the American Legion. When you open the door and look up, you see evidence of years gone by.

"We've needed a roof for a long time," says commander Mike Brennan.

The roof leaks every time it rains. They've tried making repairs.

"A little bit here, a little bit there," says Brennan, but it wasn't enough.

Little did they know part of the solution was just across the street.

"We've been seeing them over here trying to patch things. The issue has always been finances, not having enough money to get the roof replaced," says Brett Adkisson, owner of Adkisson Construction.

That all changed when the legion got a grant from the city to buy materials. Adkisson and his workers donated their time and labor.

Brennan says, "It's good that the community is going to help them out by helping us with the roof. It feels good knowing that were going to have a place that's going to be dry. We got some homemade food, my wife made some pies and we been cooking some hamburgers and stuff. It's just a small way to pay them back for all the work that they've done."

There's a special reason why Adkisson wanted to help out.

He says, "We've always been a great supporter of our veterans and we're firm believers in the Lord."

That's a cross in the logo for Adkisson Construction. At one point in his life, Adkisson was a heavy drinker. He found God, changed his ways and started his business. He recently found the motto for the American Legion and it all made sense.

Adkisson says, "The motto for the American Legion is 'For God and For country.' What better motto is that? In the world we live in today, if more organizations would use that same motto we would live in a much better world."
Original: 6:12 pm
TUSCOLA -- An area group appreciated nice weather Tuesday. The American Legion got a brand new roof. They say it was long overdue. The original roof was built in 1919. For the past ten years, or so, it leaks every time it rains. Some patchwork was done here and there, but the group never had enough money for repairs.

It all changed Tuesday. The village gave the legion a grant to buy the materials. Employees from Adkisson Construction Company fixed the roof for free. Members of the legion say it's difficult to do business with a leaking roof and the hail storm a few months ago made things even worse.

Overall, they're happy to see the community step up and help. They didn't even hang a picture because they were afraid they would be ruined in the rain. The legion celebrated its 95th anniversary and a new plaque will go up shortly. A project this size would have cost the legion about $30,000.

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