Community reacts to Zimmerman ruling

Published 07/14 2013 08:55PM

Updated 07/15 2013 12:45PM

CHAMPAIGN -- People in the city have different opinions about the George Zimmerman ruling. Some thoughts bring back memories of the past.

Zimmerman is now a free man, but some say they still don't buy his story. Zimmerman decided not to take the stand in his own defense. That left the jury without a firsthand account of what happened. So others see how reasonable doubt came into play.

The Champaign community has been shocked by an unarmed teen's death before. 15-year old Kiwane Carrington was shot to death by a Champaign police officer nearly four years ago. It was an act that sparked an outpouring of emotion across the city.

City leaders say it's important to learn from mistakes. And everyone needs to get involved to help make the city stronger than before. Champaign city leaders have held forums in the past to help build up that relationship between people in the community and police. They say it's important to take action as well as discuss ways to make things better.

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