Concerns State Farm may move

Published 02/18 2013 10:14PM

Updated 02/19 2013 09:47AM

BLOOMINGTON -- Big changes are on the horizon for State Farm Insurance. It's headquarters is in Bloomington. The company has confirmed it's leasing office space in other states, but what does that growth mean for Central Illinois? Kim Behrens finds out.

The slogan, "Like a good neighbor, State Farm is there," is raising questions in Bloomington, especially since the insurance giant is expanding to places outside Illinois, including Dallas, Texas, Atlanta, Georgia, and Phoenix, Arizona.

A statement was released by its public affairs department: "State Farm continues to review its facilities, looking to ensure employees are in the right places to provide the best service possible for our customers."

"We certainly hope they continue to grow, because as a growing, expanding company, that's the right direction for any organization."

The McLean County Chamber of Commerce President and CEO says, the corporation's large presence in Bloomington supports small businesses he's trying to grow.

"We're very grateful to have State Farm in our backyard, to have their headquarters right here in McLean County."

From reports being released by media outlets down south, so are they. While State Farm is assuring its headquarters which employs 15,000 people will stay put in Bloomington, it has secured 1.5 million square feet of office space in Dallas. But, it's still unknown which jobs will be put there.

Another statement from State Farm: "State Farm says decisions will be made over time; some will be happening sooner, others, years later."

In the meantime, local experts are continuing to market the area to potential businesses, in hopes of keeping the economy strong. They say there's many reasons why the twin cities is a great place to set up shop.

"We are a transportation hub, we have three major interstates, we have an airport, we have trains, we have high-speed rail coming. We have a number of different reasons why doing business in McLean County makes sense."

But, it's thankful to keep State Farm as a nearby neighbor. State Farm says customer expectations continue to evolve and it's simply taking steps to ensure employees are available in the right locations to provide the best service.

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